Nothing to do with hitting, actually.


- Hello!? What are you doing?
- What?
- Well, confusers and influencers.
- I see. Well, you see, new is not born on old.
- What?
- No, we have to break down encrusted thought patterns, I would even go so far as to say we have to smash them first, only then can the new germinate. Then the influencer comes into play. You're influencing yourself all day long. They already do. Just in the old thought patterns. Now it's time to influence yourself in a more target-oriented way.
- What?
- Never mind, come and see us, we will lovingly disturb you and you will be satisfied. Maybe not right away, but even more so later.

That's what my drama teacher once told me. But what does that have to do with communication? Well, if we are not touched or in some way impressed by what we see, hear, taste, smell, touch, feel, then it is also difficult to touch others.